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Industrial design and engineering come together for a variety of products and tools specifically manufactured for use by skilled workers and technicians in the field.

Our product portfolio is filled with product and tools designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. See the results of high-voltage stress testing on Meta's grounded bushing well product. Our patent-pending design is second-to-none. Pole trailer accessories fit on to trailer beds and secure everything from cables to bolts. The result - protection for both workers and the equipment they require in the field.

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Our portfolio of products includes carefully designed and engineered solutions to withstand  stresses typically above national standards. 

Any of these products in our portfolio can be modified to fit specific MSO and carrier specifications: Wood pole side arm – concealed diplexers; Strand mount solution – 4G and 5G; and Multi-carrier equipment pedestal with solar fan. Inquire with us about equipment assessment or fulfillment of a large or repeatable order.

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