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About Our Company

About Our Company


We thrive on a positive entrepreneurial spirit of making things. Inspired by the maker movement, we have created a maker’s space here to help turn your ideas into reality.

Ultimately, we are about change – positive change. This core value is built into our name. Meta is a greek preposition (μετά) meaning “after.” It is used in the Bible to describe the transformed state “after” one experiences Christ’s grace. Our goal is that “after” experiencing our culture of service here our customers leave both satisfied and further toward their particular goals. Both the part or product and the individual(s) involved experience a positive change.


Our Vision

The vision for Meta Design and Manufacturing was formed over eight years ago when James Coleman,our President, was mentoring young men in a continuing education high school. James saw a need to expose these men to building things so he started a small program to blend metal fabrication and woodworking training with spiritual guidance in the form of a short bible study. The goal was to use design and fabrication as a gateway to help these men learn how to overcome obstacles and possibly open up career opportunities. The need for this type of job training, coupled with exposure to God’s truth and grace for them, was reinforced through later positions as a mentor with the Solano County Juvenile Probation Department and as a volunteer Chaplin at the California Department of Corrections – Solano state prison. A dream resulted: to form a for profit company that could serve the market place in machining and fabrication, yet also be a place for men who need a second chance to have that chance.
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Our Journey


In 2013, James teamed up with Aaron Boone and together they launched Pinnacle Power Services Inc., a utility and telecommunications construction company. Aaron wholeheartedly embraced the dream and over the next three years they set out to start-up Meta Design & Manufacturing Inc., a company with state-of- the-art manufacturing technology. They saw a win-win in this approach: that the marketplace demands the high technology approach and the future employees would benefit in being trained in advanced manufacturing technology. The computer aided design and manufacturing approach to solving problems has proven to be a huge victory for our clients and our employees.

At the core, this organization is about helping people and overcoming problems. We would be honored to help you design, manufacture, or fabricate a product and have you become part of our journey.

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