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Manufacturing cannot exist without first designing for manufacturing. This is where the rubber meets the road in part production.  Using our diverse manufacturing technologies and experience, we will approach manufacturing from a perspective often not thought of – vastly improving products and reducing costs.  While the “design” of a part, product, or assembly, may be considered complete from the client’s perspective, we may see opportunities for further innovation and maybe even discover ways to create a more cost effective, and more valuable solution.

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A lot of work is necessary to get from a design on paper to a working, useable and a manufacturable component, that, without diligence and experience, projects can veer off course. We here at META thrive where we see how complexities can be simplified to smooth the road to success.

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The most common pitfalls can occur when assumptions are made about details or problems that have not been carefully considered or even realized. Our experience will bring to light critical issues that must be addressed to fill those voids. This critical examination of projects can add tremendous value and avoid the mistakes that result in marginal solutions. Let us use our sophisticated manufacturing technologies and design methodology to speed your next project to the finish line ahead of schedule and within budget so we can help you win the race.

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