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Two Patents Approved for Underground and Overhead Electric Utility Line Work

Posted by Meta Design Manufacturing on Jul 19, 2022 12:55:34 PM

VRaptor_Context4-2ALLEJO, CALIFORNIA, -- Meta Design Manufacturing is pleased to announce approval of its patents for its Grounded Bushing Well and Raptor Overhead Clamp. These devices set a new standard for routine line work performed by electric utility powerline workers. Due to the cost-saving and comprehensive benefits, these patented tools are available to utilities throughout the U.S. and Canada seeking cost-saving solutions for line work.

"We designed these products with power line workers in mind and with their input. We wanted to make it easier and safer for workers to perform regular power line tasks.” — James Coleman, CEO

Meta’s new power line safety products include both tools for underground and overhead power lines that utilities from throughout the U.S. and Canada can rely upon for cost-savings and ease-of-use benefits for their power line workers. Each product went through comprehensive lab field testing in order to be granted the IEEE approval.

Meta’s Raptor Clamp was designed for overhead line use by lineman in the field. The spring-loaded Raptor Overhead Ground Clamp replaces the often clumsy duckbill clamps with superior ease and functionality. Working in tandem with a lineman’s hot stick ratchet, the Raptor opens and secures wires from 1/8th to 1” with only 1-2 rotations, significantly expediting installation and reducing repetitive strain by a magnitude of 10X.

Meta’s Grounded Bushing Well is a patent approved underground grounding device that is configurable to work with either 200A load break and dead break separable connectors. The line worker would install either a load break or dead break bushing into the Meta Grounded Bushing Well, depending on the system, eliminating the need for the crews to carry both types of grounding devices on their trucks. This device was tested to meet the IEEE Standard 386-2016.

Since its founding in 2013, Meta Design has been manufacturing tools and devices and products for the utility industry. Unique to the industry, Meta Design partners with Pinnacle Power Services in its research and development. At each stage of development, line workers from Pinnacle Power provide their input at each stage of development and testing. This ensures that tools and devices meet the highest standards of ease of use, safety, durability and reliability. To receive a patent, a new innovation must undergo a wide range of tests to substantiate product claims. Standards are set by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association -- an operating unit within IEEE that develops global standards in a broad range of industries, including power and energy.

More information is available on the Meta Design Manufacturing website or by calling the number on the website. 

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