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We worked closely with experienced linemen from all over the United States to define and discover opportunities for innovation and improvement. The result is our Pole trailer Accessories that solve a myriad of problems and are totally unique to the industry.

The Problem:

Experienced Linemen crews tend to accumulate thousands of pounds of hardware, all of it useful, and necessary. The problem is, standard pole trailers do not have any organizational storage compartments, only a large open basin that fills up with heavy, bulky shapes that tend to interlock and create a dangerous and frustrating situation. Try retrieving a new, 75lb cross arm, complete with the bulky mounting brackets, from beneath three other cross arms and other heavy materials, and you will probably hurt your back or break a finger all while taking a considerable amount of your time to do so.

Seasoned foreman often spend the time to create their own custom mounting systems for hand coils, washers, and hardware that are not always mounted securely. These solutions rarely meet Department of Transportation requirements and we have never seen one that solves the problem of cross arms interference.


The Solution:

Our system aims to solve everything mentioned above while addressing a multitude of other problems.

To begin, the A-frame Reel Rack is the foundation for mounting a multitude of organizational storage systems while also providing support for a 3000 lb reel of wire, that always requires a separate trailer.


The second product, the Ammo Racks fit securely into the A-Frame rack’s hole pattern supports. A system of unique waterjet shapes secures up to six cross arms of all different sizes, quickly, easily, and separately, so that at any moment any cross arm can be removed or mounted without removing the others. We even developed our own patent pending strap buckles that further expedite the process.  The ammo racks have a shape that neatly supports the Bazooka Mandrel that carries the Reel.

The third and most essential storage system is The Vault. It consists of a sturdy set of long pins that can support hundreds of pounds of the endless array of bolting hardware like clips, washers and brackets, with a lid that captures all of them from bouncing out. 

Mounted beneath the washer rack is the Nail Bin with 6 cubic feet of neat storage complete with dividers for your nails, staples, screws, and small bolts. As one Lineman said in a strong southern accent “The DPT wants to hold your trailer upside down, shake it, and not so much as a nut better fall out”.



Other META options:
  • Talons, staging arms that swing down and hold your cross arms and cut-outs in optimal position for preparation. 
  • Bolt Bins, that organize your long bolts and mount in a variety of locations for you custom positioning but also can be removed quickly if you want to bring the whole bin with you.
  • Hand Coil Hooks, that hold up to 300lbs of wire coils and can be removed with one pin for rapid re-positioning.
  • Tongue Bin, made from expanded steel for visibility of the contents, and mounts to the trailer tongue adding even more storage for all those bulky items like insulators, cones, and so much more.

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