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META's Raptor Overhead Ground Clamp Usability Study

Posted by Brad Sykes on Mar 25, 2021 2:27:06 PM

With over a year in development, our latest and patent pending innovation is the Raptor Overhead Ground Clamp that significantly improves upon the industry’s leading “Duckbill” grounds.

Proof of concept


In our test lab we conducted usability studies with many different linemen ranging in experience from 30 year veterans to first year rookies. Competing against the clock and tasked with a series of phase to
phase grounds, they tested two competitive duckbill clamps against our Raptor Overhead clamp. There was a significant difference in the results. Our Raptor consistently performed an average of 40% faster than the competitive clamps and reduced user errors by 5X!  The quantitative data were clear, and the qualitative results showed all of the participants preferring Meta's Raptor Overhead Grounding Clamp.



It was telling to see seasoned linemen struggling to engage the clumsy industry standard duckbill clamps and getting frustrated after multiple attempts while the Raptor Overhead Clamp clearly simplified and expedited the process. Furthermore, we completed in-house cycle testing to ensure durability over time. At 1,000 cycles the threads, springs, and pivots remained
unmarred and working flawlessly.



             ICEEE Testspark


The final ASTM F855-20 certification test was successfully completed for the 3H and 5H rating at a third-party test facility. Next week we will have a follow-up blog on those results and a special stress test conducted by the lab.



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